Tried and True

When I’m not leading innovative companies to the winning side of the competition with Radiant Blue, you might find me writing best-selling books, speaking, or mentoring RainMakers (not to be confused with A-players). One of my proudest achievements is the founding of Leaders of Distinction – a community of leaders committed to mastery, where we transcend the status quo to learn, act, and thrive in our personal and professional lives. I find joy in all of my work, but you will notice that I light up the most when teaching. My knack for simplifying the complex and cultivating potential in great leaders allows me to help those I work with achieve profound, fulfilling success. 

My mission, and that of Radiant Blue, is to effectively share the right expertise and wisdom with business leaders whose dreams for tomorrow are bigger than today. You will find Radiant Blue on the winning side of the competition, helping leaders make great contributions to humanity – through their organizations, utilizing our cutting edge methodology.


I work with clients embarking on the Federal Acquisition process who are willing to do the work to land on the winning side of the competition – because that’s where I lead them.

My decades of experience leading Aerospace and Defense clients has earned me the reputation as the “go to” growth specialist for some of the most challenging and complex government acquisition campaigns. Clients depend on me to not only bring them the set of very proven tools and techniques it takes to win, but to seamlessly integrate these methods into their workflows so they can use them long after my work is done.

I am driven by my philosophy, “stay until won,” as I lead teams, train promising professionals, and mentor Rainmakers (don’t confuse them with A-players). And winning goes far beyond securing the contract – I’m committed to leaving my clients ready to successfully deliver on the work they’ve won.

We Provide The Missing Link Between What You Have and Where You Want To Go.

We Provide The Missing Link Between What You Have and Where You Want To Go.