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Even before we could issue a contract, Radiant Blue was intrigued by the program and wanted to help.

Brian had been working as a program manager for a defense contractor, but had reached the zenith of what he could accomplish in that position. He wanted to shift all of his energies toward business development, especially the strategic positioning of companies to win new work. An opportunity arose with L3Harris that involved autonomous vehicles, which was an area of innovation that intrigued and excited him. Brian was hired on to assist in capturing a program of record for the U.S. Navy, and saw immediately that the project was a stretch for L3Harris’s internal capabilities. Since he was a brand new employee, and since it was a must-win strategically critical program, he knew needed reinforcements.

I felt like I needed a great sounding board and strategic navigator to help me think through what we needed to do to win. I wanted support on capture management, competitive analysis, and price-to-win analysis. A director at one of our sister divisions who’s running 20 captures in parallel said Radiant Blue was the only choice.


Brian quickly set up a strategy meeting with 20 L3Harris stakeholders and when he asked Bill if he could attend, Bill said he’d be honored. He hopped on a plane to Washington D.C., attended the meeting and had significant input right out of the gate. That meeting launched a formal business relationship that lasted many months and ultimately resulted in Brian’s team winning their contract.

I was in program management for a number of years before transitioning to business development, so I was no stranger to the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat. It just goes with the landscape. But with Radiant Blue involved in the capture, it was considerably less stressful.
It was encouraging to talk with Radiant Blue when we were going through problems. We didn’t devolve into commiseration. Instead he would immediately offer three possible solutions to the problem at hand.

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“Having the Radiant Blue team as a sounding board instilled confidence in our entire capture team. To have that outside perspective looking in from experts who’ve been through multiple types of captures, pursuits, and acquisitions from the customer was incredibly valuable. At times Radiant Blue confirmed we were on the right track.

At other times, they’d tell us, ‘No, you’re not thinking like your competitor.’ Having that constant, unbiased, insightful feedback was very helpful. Good ideas were kept and matured within the winning proposal. Where we had gaps or shortfalls, Radiant Blue was not bashful about letting us know and always helped us course-correct.”

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