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Our first engagement with Radiant Blue changed everything. It fundamentally shifted the business to one that focused on operational excellence.


30+ years of leadership and experience at L3Harris and other top organizations

Has worked in business development for more than a decade

22 years of U.S. Navy experience, mainly in submarine operations

Turns to Radiant Blue for deep industry knowledge and unflappable support on must-win projects

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Bill’s connection to the people that he works with is incredibly important to the successful outcomes he drives.

Gene was working for L3 Technologies as the company was undergoing several significant transitions at once. In addition to reevaluating which markets to enter, the organization was in the process of merging with Harris Corporation, and no one was sure how the changes would shake out. L3 had also made some acquisitions of small businesses in the defense technology market, and once they’d completed the fourth of these business deals they had an opportunity to bid on a Department of Defense acquisition. They’d acquired the exact right businesses at the perfect time.

We had an enthusiastic, motivated group of folks who had NO IDEA how to do a DoD acquisition. We didn’t have the resources internally, so we looked externally. That’s when we met Bill and started working with Radiant Blue.”


In their first meeting with Bill, Gene was impressed with his calm demeanor and ability to cut right to the essence of what’s most important. The whole L3 team got valuable insights from the consultation, and Bill confirmed Gene’s instincts about what was needed to move his driven-but-inexperienced colleagues forward. Bill’s deep experience in proposal management, capture management, and acquisitions was evident from the start, and he was very clear that the road to winning this contract would be a rocky one, even with his expert guidance.

The guys from the company we acquired thought if you locked 4 guys in a room and shoved a pizza under the door, a proposal would come out. They didn’t have a clue how to assemble an RFP, and they didn’t understand how the competition was going to react to the opportunity. I knew we needed help from a price-to-win professional, and Bill backed me up on that. He helped me articulate how important it was to consult an expert who could understand engineering analysis and local labor rates and competitive assessment. Then he brought in an amazing price-to-win analyst from Radiant Blue, who laid out the pricing in a way that was understandable and right on target.

Without Bill’s support on the proposal and pricing, I’m not sure we could’ve gotten the right pricing message articulated. It was a 12-month journey to the final submittal. In the end, we won the effort right where Radiant Blue’s price-to-win analyst predicted.

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In the endgame, there’s a lot of stress and a lot of pressure. And with this proposal, we kept receiving changes to pricing and suppliers as we were battling the clock for the first submittal. Radiant Blue showed incredible tenacity in triaging last-minute proposal changes with my team, and ensuring none of those changes resulted in a noncompliant proposal. They managed through the deadline, got the proposal in, navigated the process, and ultimately won the effort without ever losing their cool.

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