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“Making sure that the company is successful even after the bidding process ends, that’s something that’s ALWAYS a part of the Radiant Blue engagement.”

STEVE Zohrabian

Started out working for large OEMs

Now owns his own aerospace defense company

When he wanted to begin growing his own company, he reached out to Radiant Blue

Has partnered with Radiant Blue multiple times on both tactical and strategic work

Relies on us to provide key support to his in-house talent

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When you’re going after new business, you need to put together a plan, make sure you execute to that plan, and hold yourself accountable to it. When you partner with Radiant Blue, they make sure you stick to your plan. And if the plan needs to be changed, they help you make those changes.

Steve began his career working for legacy OEMs, but now that he’s running his own business he’s aggressively pursuing new tech and new programs with the U.S. government. He’s a stickler for having the right talent available to accomplish the tasks at hand, and expects nothing but the best from the people he employs. He’s had tremendous success securing government contracts, but also has an in-house team that’s still growing and learning. Since he believes in setting up his people for success, he chooses Radiant Blue to support his bids because he knows we won’t just show up and get the job done, we’ll educate and support his team so they emerge from the process more confident and capable than ever before.

When we go after a new opportunity, we go at it with a lot of energy. That energy is very high at the beginning but over time, it seems to fade. When we brought on Radiant Blue, our energy level stayed high throughout the entire engagement. They made sure our staff remained excited about and engaged with the opportunity.


In a small company, getting the right people to handle the work can be a challenge. On top of that, smaller companies may have blind spots about certain aspects of the proposal and bidding process. Steve has learned from multiple engagements with Radiant Blue that we will both build the perfect team for the job, and provide them with the insider’s perspective they need to win. We stand by our teams from start to finish, and ensure they’re forging a path to continued success.

We were in the process of bidding some large contracts with the government. The unit of the large OEM we were dealing with had no experience bidding that type of work, so we needed a way to build a team that would be able to respond to the task at hand, and continue responding over the execution of that contract.

Once we’d settled on a site, it became clear we needed to get this team together really quickly. We knew that we didn’t have the right folks on staff at the time, but we knew we could train the people we had. Bill came in and assessed the work. We needed to tactically bid and win a contract, but more importantly, we needed to ensure that throughout the process we were putting together a team of younger and middle-level leadership that could eventually take over. That’s an important piece of creating a bid team. I felt comfortable telling Radiant Blue that we wanted to bring in key talent for the bid, and that we wanted them to stay as long as they needed to provide infrastructure and on-the-job training for the transition team And we never felt like we had a lack of support from Radiant Blue.

We initially bid the project, then went into 22 months of waiting with the government. We did multiple rounds of responses, and then after award, we had to bring back some of those key folks that Radiant Blue had recruited to do a refresher. There was never a question that they’d help us, even nearly two years after that initial bid. Throughout that process, you need folks you can trust and rely on. You want to make sure that the experts you’ve brought in will be around to support you on an ongoing basis. And that’s one of the key things Radiant Blue offers.

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When we brought in Radiant Blue to help with my growing aerospace defense company, one of our first engagements was tactical. But after that we pursued new business together and looked to them for strategic planning advice. We wanted to recreate the processes that we’d taken for granted working for OEMs, but we also wanted to make those processes more nimble and agile so we could go after very challenging work. Radiant Blue helped us do that, and set the company up for success. Now, we trust that there’s always going to be someone from the Radiant Blue team to support us, and that’s so important.

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